Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 26 July 2020

All powerful God

nothing is too difficult for you

in and through you

all that was and is and is to come

came into being

and finds it source in you

how can we offer our thanks

when we wouldn’t exist without your presence

your very breath within us?

Assist us to praise and honour you with every breath

to treasure clean air to breathe

green spaces and gardens to enjoy

even the simplicity of the wind drying the washing on the line

we recall those who have no clean air or green spaces to enjoy

who even struggle to afford to put the washing machine on

assist us to be like a mustard seed

offering a safe haven for all who seek your kingdom

Christ our King

Holy is your name

a name we adore

and we are blessed to call you friend and brother

honoured to be part of your Body, the Church

may we be yeast in the dough of the world

changing it from greed to generosity

from fear to confidence

from exclusion to inclusion

from darkness to light

rising, ever rising to be the world as it should be

rather than it is

Holy Spirit

your presence in and around us is a great treasure

greater than any worldly possession

help us to show this treasure to others

and guide our prayers, as we pause to pray for people, places and situations which lie on our hearts today


God the Father

accept these prayers, offered through Christ Jesus who lives and reigns with you and the Spirit

One God, now and always