Approach and confession prayer 18 September 2022

From dawn to dusk

the Name of The Lord is praised

across oceans and continents

the hymn of praise ascends on high

now and forevermore

for God is everlasting

maker, shaper, constructor

of all seen and unseen

of all that was

all that is

all that is yet to be

how awesome is the One of reigns on High

reachable and knowable through

the Son

Christ Jesus?


lift us from the dust and ashes

in which we dwell

the dust and ashes of our own making

for we have failed to be good stewards of all entrusted to us

we’ve failed to love as you call us to

we’ve looked after our own privilege at the cost of other’s

heal your people we pray

Christ Jesus

heal us in your great mercy and love

redeem us

set us right

that our praise and prayer

our lives and our witness

may be the true

holy, living sacrifices you deeply desire

send the Spirit to dwell among us

to inspire

to challenge

to comfort

in this time of worship together

and in our daily lives with you

to the glory of God

now and always