Approach and confession prayer 6 November 2022

Let the sea resound, for God’s glory

let the whales sing, praises to the Lord

let rivers clap their hands

let mountains offer their worship

let everything

everything on heaven and on earth

join in bringing praises



glory to the Lord God

Father, and Son, and Holy Spirit

and to God be praise and glory forever and ever,

world without end

for God has done marvellous things

revealing righteousness to the nations

disclosing salvation through God’s holy arm

salvation which we know through Christ Jesus

our redeemer

our redeemer, who we know lives

lives and reigns on the right hand of God the Father

and we will see face-to-face

how our hearts yearn within us

yearn for God

yearn to see Christ face-to-face

yearn to know the glory of the Lord

and bring our feeble, humble human praises

to the throne of grace

to call on the Lord

and know we are the apple of God’s eye

may we seek shelter under God’s wings

and turn from all which is evil

in our our thoughts, words and actions

which we in our shame confess before the Lord


As you love God

and long to love God more

know God watches over you

in that love, in that patient watching

God the Father, through God the Son

offers forgiveness

receive that forgiveness

and be filled with the Love of God

revealed through Christ Jesus