Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 30 June 2019

Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer

God in three persons, blessed Trinity

breathe your the spirit on us

that she may live in us to set us free

that we may walk in the light,

the light of our Lord

and the Lord of the Universe

Universal King

We bless you for the law

to love our neighbour as ourselves

so simple, yet so hard to do

we thank you for always encouraging us to be fruitful for your kingdom

sharing the fruit of the spirit, with one another, with our communities, with our world

grant us unity and peace

a willingness to grow in harmony with one another

bearing each other’s burdens

sharing in one another’s joys

using the gifts we have

using the gifts we are

to bring love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control into our lives, into the church, into the world


God of the whole world

we thank you for your blessings on us, and ask for your guidance as we seek to share those with others

especially those we pray for this day

those who long for power in order to control, rather than serve

those who seek pleasure away from monogamous relationships

those who destroy trust through anger and hatred

those who sow seeds of discord and disunity

those who say what is popular, because it is easy, rather than saying what is right

those who, in their unwillingness to compromise, tear relationships, communities and countries apart

those who value cruelty over gentleness

those who value greed over generosity

those who value intolerance over love


Loving God

turn them from their ways

show them a better way of living

and grant us the power and strength to, in your great mercy and love

be the ones who show the world how your way is the path to life

through Christ our Lord