Spill the Beans Promoting Peace Intercession Prayer

God of all being

of the smallest particle to the largest galaxy

it is you who decreed the size and shape and place of all things

we bless you for the beauty the pattern of your creation has, its richness and diversity

help us to not be either over impressed by the monumental architecture of the landscape nor to overlook the simplicity of the wayside flowers

as all have their place in your plan of redemptive love for and of the world

God of justice and compassion

while we may moan about the unfairness of our country, the state it is in, in the scheme of things we are so blessed to live where we can express our opinions freely, have access to high quality health care and all our children can go to school
We thank you and recall there are many throughout your world who do not have these blessings

May the international community work towards bringing these basic rights to all. And may use our voices to speak out on behalf of the disadvantaged throughout your world, wherever and whenever we can

God of calm

we bring before you all who do not feel your or any calmness in their lives this day

those suffering loss, pain, anxiety in body, mind or spirit

those who rush around all day, everyday, for others, but fail to find time for themselves

those who are restless in their confrontation with injustice

Enter their lives, we pray, sovereign Lord.

May they find rest in your arms, knowing you understand their situations and wish peace to prevail in their lives and throughout your world.

God of peace

May your justice and mercy reign

May we, your church, united with our brothers and sisters in Christ, throughout your world, know the calm and peace you give, which is beyond all understanding.

And may your church work to bring peace, to bring justice, to bring hope, to bring love


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