Spill the beans Balancing Power Opening Prayer

Lord, Master, Ruler

of all the earth, of all creation

name above all names, worthy of all our praise and worship and prayers, in this hour, in this week, in every day of our lives.

May our lips confess, our behaviour demonstrate, our very beings show you are indeed our Lord, the one we place our trust and hope in, the one we love and build our faith on

Lord God,

bless us anew with you presence made real with us, as we hear and meditate on your word.

Open our eyes to see your glory,

open our ears to hear your voice

as it echoes through all creation

may we blend our voices with the music, of the earth, that the unity of the melody may waft up to heaven, as fragrant incense, and join with the heavenly chorus of angels and archangels, in an never ending song of praise to you,

our Lord, our Master, our God

God of all the world.

Lord God

move within and around us, through your holy spirit

remove all which holds up back from true and complete worship of you

We all have done and said or thought things which have failed to bring you glory, have been less than you expect of us

assist us to know you do not hold them against us, that you see the slate wiped clean and that we are forgiven and free to worship you, to know you, through Jesus Christ, your son, our Lord, who taught us to pray together saying:

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