Opening prayer 7 August 2016

The Mighty One, God, the Lord

spoke and summoned the earth forth

from nothing

uttered a word and called forth all living things

from his very breath

pronounced his wisdom, to make the stars and galaxies, moons and planets, the seen and unseen

all drew commanded into existence by The word of the Lord

The Word of the Lord which will not be silent

for were there no humans to offer him praises

the birds of the air would sing their adoration

the seas and the mountains, fields and forests, the very rocks of the earth

would cry out to the one through whom they were made, who names each one, who knows each one

We, though, do come to bring our praises to The Mighty One, the King of creation

we come in humbleness and humility, to sing our hymns, meditate on God’s Word, bring forth our prayers

in love, in faith, in trust for The One who knows us, and who promises us goodness, fullness of life, and life ever lasting

and whose deepest desire is us speaking justice, defending the oppressed, pleading the case for the widow

rather than empty sacrifices

whose wishes our thankfulness for all The Lord has done for us

So this is our offering

our very selves, in humble adoration

in the knowledge we come with burdens which get in the way of our full devotion

anger and hurt towards our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ

worries about ourselves and those we love

concerns we have little to offer this day, except our very selves

Yet, God promises that all our burdens will be washed away and we will be made white as snow

through our faith and trust in Jesus Christ our Lord