Approach and confession prayer 8 December 2019

God of Peace

we come

we come with our fears and our doubts

with our struggles and calmness

with our anger and our hope

we come into this place

waiting expectantly

waiting for Christmas

waiting for the light to come into the darkness


Light bringing Christ

we come

we come to worship you, and the Father and the Holy Spirit

one God, blessed Trinity

we come longing to know more of your love giving light

we come longing to feel your presence here, in this place, at this time

we come, setting aside this hour, for your glory


Glorious Spirit

fire our hearts and souls and minds

fire our love and words

fire our prayers and song

that our worship will be like expensive incense

wafting up to heaven

blending with saint and angels and all believers though time and space

filling all the earth with hope, peace, love


Loving God

as we come to you

we know we have failed you and others

before your throne, and before this congregation, we confess our failings in thoughts, words and deeds


may we know the forgiveness God offers us this and everyday in Christ Jesus

may we walk in the ways of Christ all our days

knowing we are loved beyond imagining

by the one who is Love