Approach and confession prayer 24 June 2018

Sing praises of the Lord

The Lord who is enthroned on Zion’s hill

looking down on God’s kingdom

at all the nations

may all the nations fear the name of the Lord

and bow trembling at the one who its their true King

submit to God’s rule of justice, mercy and love

where the wicked are condemned by their own hands

and the needy are lifted up, never forgotten by God

the hope of those who seem hopeless is in and from God on high

whose justice is like water on parched ground

bringing forth streams of goodness

along the banks of which burst forth grain and fruit

in abundance

look, see, what the Lord has done

made each one of us

created minds which look further into atoms and space than we can comprehend

fashioned hands which shaped wood and stone generations ago, so we can worship in this place together

built a church made of flesh and bones, of flawed and broken people,

to know God’s salvation, mercy and justice

that together we can be for others God’s salvation, mercy and justice

as we zealously trust in God’s goodness to us and to all God’s world

in that trust, we praise God the Father

in that trust, we worship God the son

in that trust, we honour God the holy Spirit

one God, three in one and one in three

through our worship may we be inspired to set aside all fear and doubt which get in the way of out zealousness for God

the fear others will not want to hear the good news

the fear of what the future holds for us

the excuses that people just won’t come, that people don’t want to know you and your love Lord God

Grant to us the grace to accept your will, God

to completely trust in your way for this community of faith

realising our faith in Jesus Christ, is what draws us here

knowing it is through that same faith we are forgiven of all our sins and called to once again place our trust in God, our King and Saviour

whose name we wish to bring honour and glory to

through Christ our Lord