Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 25 February 2018

God Almighty

we praise you that you come to us

in the beauty of our surroundings

in the call of the kite

in the glint of the warm sun kissing our faces

It is a wonder to behold the glory of this place

a place where we are blessed to come to worship

we thank you for this place,

for the generations who have worshipped here

for the work which has been done in your name from here

we thank you we are the continuation of this worship and service

may we ever praise you, God Almighty

may we humbly serve you, here and as we walk faithfully before you


Jesus the Christ, the Messiah

the promised one of Israel

we praise and thank you for coming to us

walking with us

guiding us

loving us

that we may have the confidence to walk before you faithfully

taking up our crosses for your glory

that, in so doing, all the end of the earth

will remember all the works of God

and turn towards the Lord of all heaven and earth

We pray for those in our families for whom we long that they would know the joy of the Lord

Grant us the grace, patience and love

to show Christ in our lives

We pray for the leaders of nations

that they may serve with wisdom, mercy, righteousness

that all their decisions will be for the good of all people in their countries and beyond

particularly, we bring before you the leaders of our governments

may they be work for the greater good of humanity and your creation, Lord God

that the weakest and most vulnerable in our society may be given dignity, compassion, care

to your honour and glory

As we come together, God Almighty

we recall before you those from our midst who are not with us

due to illness in body, mind or soul

as they care for their loved ones

as they work to care for others

may they know your love

may they be sustained by your presence with them

and we may support them as we can, that they feel part of this community of love

Jesus Christ

Lord of all

may we follow you all the days of our lives

now and evermore