Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 10 July 2022

Good and upright is the Lord

ever to be praised

ever to be offered thanksgiving for all God has done

bringing sunshine and rain to ripen the fields

bringing laughter and joy to enrich human hearts

bringing love and compassion incarnate for the world

in Jesus Christ the Son

Glory to God for the wonders God has shown

glory to God for the beauty of this day

glory to God for God’s Word of challenge and call to us


Calling Christ

as we have received our call

may it shape us, inspire us to place love of God

Father, Son, Spirit

before all things

and to truly seek to love our neighbours, as we are loved

open our minds to your glory,

shown in each person

to see beyond their circumstances

and to love them for your sake

and the sake of the kingdom

King of the Kingdom

our world is far from your glory

powerful people cling to power

all the while victims of abuse are overlooked

our world is far from your glory

the wealthy gain more and more

while impoverished parents are forced to steal formula milk

what can we do to change this, our God?

Help us to be bearers of the kingdom

bringing justice and compassion

love and grace

into this brokenness

cleaning and binding up wounds

offering rest and recuperation

to those who are in pain, physically, emotionally, spiritually

All this we pray in Jesus blessed name