Approach and confession prayer 8 December 2019 (version 2)

Praise the Lord!

let all creation praise the Lord!

For blessings and honour are God’s alone

God, who breathed forth life where there was nothing

God, who breathed forth light, where there was darkness

God, who breathed forth mountains, where there was no land

this is the one we come to worship

this is the one we come to praise

this is the one we give our devotion to

through bowing at the throne of grace


Grace-giving One

fill us with your grace and mercy

fill us with you love and compassion

fill us to overflowing

that our grace, mercy, love and compassion pour out from us into your world

to your honour and glory


Glorious God

our hearts are filled with love for you

that you come to us, through Christ Jesus

give us the promised Rod of Jesse

that through him, we know your salvation

in that salvation, we are aware we have failed in word, thought and deed

in what we have done

in what we have failed to do

humbly, we confess before you all the ways we have failed to follow your path of us

asking, once more, you cleanse of of our sins

that we may walk in the light of your love

revealed in and through Jesus Christ