Approach and confession prayer 12 July 2020

Awesome is God the Father

Great is God the Son

breathtaking is God the Spirit

God, beautiful trinity

the One we come to praise

the One we come to adore

the One we come to offer worship to

this day

Awesome, Great, Breathtaking One

come to us today

enter our homes

enter our hearts

enter our lives

help us know you are with us

giving the good soil

of Your Word

from which we can draw nourishment

through which we can grow

by which we can be fruitful

Awesome, Great, Breathtaking One

be a lamp to our paths

that we may follow the Way of Christ Jesus

forgive us our trespasses

the times we’ve let you, others and ourselves down

the times we’ve failed to appreciate what we have as we should

the times where we’ve filled our lives with busyness

may we know that forgiveness

through Christ, our Lord