Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 12 March 2017

Lord God

Our Father, Father of All Creation

We bless and praise you that we are able to enjoy nature all around us

in the song of blackbird

in the dance of dolphin

in the movement of the sea

we thank you for those who work the land and sea

enabling humanity and nature to live and flourish

we recall those in your world who have never heard the songbird sing

who live in crowded cities, with little access to clean water or air, whose greatest desire is simply to breathe freely

We pray for governments, local, national and international to enact legislation which looks after creation, for us, for your world and for the future of your earth

and we pray for our selves

assist us care for your world

that all your people may find in it a blessing

and a thriving livelihood


Calling Christ

we bless you that you call us to be born again

born to live as kingdom people

born to live as though God really is in charge of all the earth

be with those who go to strange places, different lands for the sake of your gospel

missionaries, aid workers, teachers

and all who live to bless others in their day-to-day lives and work

called to serve you in unfamiliar places, far from home, friends, familiarity

surround them in your love and guide them through the holy spirit to point to you as the one through whom the whole world is saved

Journeying Jesus

as we travel with you this Lent to Jerusalem

we thank you for the journeys we like to take

visits to see family

holidays with those we love

walks with dogs in the forests and hills

these are journeys we chose to take

filled with adventure, fun, love

we recall, Lord God, there are journeys people have to take which they would chose not to take

wives visiting gravely ill husbands in hospitals

parents visiting schools to discuss their child’s bullying

refugees fleeing war

cancer patients going for chemo and radiotherapy

children visiting the graveside of a dearly loved parent

Comfort them, Lord God

and may they know, in these journeys you are with them, supporting them, loving them

through Christ our Lord