Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 3 May 2020

Shepherding One

We praise and thank you that we are your flock and you are our Shepherd

that you care for us

love us

keep us safe from enemies

and speak tenderly to us

for you know each one of us

and call us by our names


we thank you for those who help to care for us

neighbours who wave and say hello

wee shops who go above and beyond at the moment

the chance to get out for fresh air

the appearance of new born lambs in the fields over the past couple of weeks

the bluebells coming into flower

the singing of the blackbird and robin

the call of the osprey and kite

Oh, Lord God, we thank you that we are so blessed with these gifts around us


we recall those who live in flats, with no outside space

children who can’t play with their pals

young lovers, not hold one another

and many more, know and unknown to us for whom this time is especially difficult


we also pray for shop workers and security guards

for teachers and parents

for community leaders and groups

all trying to support others


and, in our own time, in our own way, we pray for those people, places and situations which lay heavy on our hearts this day


grant to us wisdom and compassion

care and love

to be your flock in this your world

Christ our Shepherd