Approach and confession prayer 11 October 2020

Heaven and earth are full of the glory of God

look, see the birds taking shelter on coastline and forests

singing praises to the One who made them and cares for them

look, see the colours of the trees, their hues are glorious palate

painting adoration to the One who made them and cares for them

look, see the people you care for, see the image of God reflected in their faces

reflecting the One who made them and cares for them

Heaven and earth and full of the glory of God

in whose presence we gather this day

bowing before the One who made us and cares of us

to know more of that care

to be inspired

to be comforted

to bring all we are, little though it seems

seeking that all our prayers and all we hear

may move us closer in our devotion

closer in our walk with the One who invites us here

Christ Jesus

as we bow in worship this day

we seek your blessing on us

through the Holy Spirit company today and always


Accompanying One

in order we can follow you more nearly

assist us to unburden ourselves

of guilt for the things we’ve not done

of anger at those who have let us down

of bitterness which eats away at us

for these, and all the other ways we’ve let you, ourselves and others down, Christ Jesus

we are truly sorry

we seek your forgiveness

and ask you help those who we have sinned against to forgive us

so we may be dressed in the clothes you wish us to wear

love and kindness and grace