Approach and confession prayer 29 November 2020

Restore us, God Almighty

shine your face on us

as your face shone on Moses

shine on us

bless us

fill us with the light of your love

turn to us, God

as we turn to you

we call on your name, Lord God

revive us!

Save us

save us from our affliction

come, lead as as our Shepherd

for we are your flock

and need your guidance

come, mould us as a potter

for we are your clay

and need your shaping

Shape us

form us

mould us

to be your people

Shine your face upon us

that we would be saved

Saved by the One who sits at the right hand of God the Father

The Son of Man

raised up, in love

that the whole world may be saved

Shine your face upon us

that we would be saved

Saved from the anger and hurt which we carry

saved from the fear and despair we hold onto

saved from our uncleanliness

in thoughts, words and deeds

shine our face upon us

God Almighty

that we would be saved

do not recall our sins forever

look on us with pity, we pray

help us to know more and more

you are our God

and we are your people

restore us

through Christ Jesus