Stewardship time others prayer 17 April 2016

Eternal Father

blessing and praise and honour are yours

for in your infinite wisdom, you granted us the freedom to chose our own way

our own way of expressing ourselves, of leading our lives

our own way of coming to know you

our own way of bearing your image which we are endowed with

looking around your world, bearers of your image are spread across the continents

drawn from different cultures, backgrounds, faiths

all finding their source in you

though they may not know of the beauty within

There are those who are belittled, undermined in confidence day after day, and they stop believing in themselves, let alone in you

there are those who are judged for the part of town they come from, the job they do, the position they have in society, and they stop believing in themselves, let alone you

there are those who are seen as lesser people, for crimes they have committed, for diseases they carry, for problems they may have with alcohol or drugs, and they stop believing in themselves, let alone you


Yet, all in all, they and all your people bear your image, Lord God

may we always seek to see you within everyone we see, in person, in our newspapers, in out televisions

may your church reflect your glory into the world, and help those who fail to see your image within each person to see the divine spark

Creator God

we bless and thank you for the wondrous diversity of life around us, which fills our landscape with life and birdsong and trees and crops for us to delight in and, for some of us and in this community, which provides income

though farming, tourism, woodland management among others

grant contentment in work to all who are employed in these sectors, fair employers and fair weather, on which these businesses are so reliant

Creative Lord

your world is expressed in the artistry of painters, weavers, potters

they express your world in ways which open our minds in new and exciting ways

your image is reflected in these works of art, as you have moulded the heavens and the earth, and moulded each one of us

for this we thank you

grant us time and patience to seek your face in the creative arts, in the wildness of the land, in the ripples over the sea

stir our lives to see your spirit in the world more and more

open our minds to know your love more and more

shown in your perfectly formed image, Jesus Christ your son, our Lord, in whom and through whom all things were made