Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 20 September 2020

Lord God

the situation around us is getting more and more confused

we can play sports, but not visit friends or family in Glasgow and many surrounding areas

we want to make plans, but they are so easily shattered

we’re more unsure of what the future holds than we can ever remember

so we’re not really sure what to pray

we want to thank you for all the gifts we have this day




good drying days

the colours of autumn coming through

friends and family

the clothes on our backs

the cherished memories of loved ones no longer with us

for Christ Jesus who loves us enough to ask us to be his disciples

for the Holy Spirit who stirs us to action,

comforts our pain,

speaks to us through others


Lord God

though the situation around us will never be straightforward

assist us seek your kingdom

and to live as though it is present here on earth

present in the cries of mothers longing to take their child’s pain away

present in those who quietly, often without anyone else noticing, make the communities in which they live better

present in the care of a neighbour

present in the laugh of a child

present in the smile of a stranger

present where people are valued by who they are

present where justice prevails

for the presence of your kingdom we give you thanks

and we offer before you in the stillness of this moment

the people, places and situation which are on our hearts today


Lord God

accept all these prayers,

offered in joy, or pain

in words, and wordlessly

through Christ Jesus

we pray

And we also pray your church be a place were the kingdom of heaven is present today

and tomorrow

here, and everywhere she is through the people who are Christians across the world