Approach and confession 30 August 2020

Praise the Lord

Proclaim God’s name

from mountain top

to valley low

from house and croft

flat and bungalow

Proclaim God’s Holy Name

and the wonders God reveals

ripe berries on trees and bushes

wheat and barley ripe for harvesting

geese and osprey journeying to new climes

Praise the Lord

Proclaim God’s name

in the garden and on the golf course

on bike rides and country walks

in schools and supermarkets

may the name of the Lord be praise

as we remember all the Lord has done for us

calling to us

β€œtake up your cross and follow me”

as we worship the One who came


living with us

bearer of our sins

not even turning from the cross

to reveal the depths of God’s love for us

Christ Jesus

promising life

to us all

Life giving One

We realise more and more

time and space do not limit your power

do not limit your love

do not limit your mercy

we know we have sinned in thought, word and deed

in the things we have done and said

and the things we have failed to do and say

have compassion on us

restore us

that we may serve the One who offers eternity

who offers love

unconditional, overflowing love

which cleanses and heals and forgives us

in and through Christ Jesus