Thanksgiving and confession prayer 19 January 2020

With hearts full of love and spirits encouraged with praise, we offer our thanks to you

our Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel

thanks for those voices calling our names bring us deep, deep joy

thanks for those who inspire us to be better people

thanks those who named us and shaped us and the special meaning our names have in the ears and hearts of others

thanks to you God, your faithfulness and for calling us into fellowship with Christ Jesus

that we, with all who call upon his name

are his Holy people

one church, one body, throughout time and space


Christ Jesus

as members of the one body

we thank you we are joined to our siblings in you throughout the world

as we begin the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

we thank you for the other churches in this area

from our own denomination and others in the area

we thank you for the richness this diversity brings

and long for the day where we are truly united in service of you in and for the world

may they be filled with your spirit, as they eagerly wait on the coming of the Kingdom of God


Kingdom Building One

you call to us “come and see”

may we see your kingdom, we pray

for the world seems so in need of it

tensions in the middle east bring worry for us all, but especially for service personnel and their families

draw near to them, we pray

Hard working staff in our local NHS feel let down and overlooked by management, but continue their committed work for the benefit of us all

draw near to them, we pray

farmers and crofters worry what the future holds for their livelihoods in the coming months and years

draw near to them, we pray

people in our communities who lovingly care for the elderly, disabled, struggling relatives

day in, day out, sometimes with no help

draw near to them, we pray

those who feel they do not matter, they are a burden

draw near to them, we pray


Loving, Eternal One

we trust you to hear our prayers and, to these spoken, we also offer the places, people and situations which lie heavy on our hearts this day



Accept all these prayers, spoken and unspoken

offered in and through Christ Jesus, our Lord