Approach and confession prayer 31 March 2019

Parenting God

in your great love you formed us in our mother’s wombs

watched as blood vessels flowed

as limbs grew

as eyes opened

cradling us in your hands all the days of our lives

there is no where we can go from your love

we may try to turn from you

but your love will always seek us out

running to us

throwing your arms around us

kissing us as your precious, precious children

remind us how precious we are in your eyes, Father God

embrace us in your love this hour

that though these words of prayer

through our music and song

through listening to your Word

we may know love

pure, unconditional love

offered freely to us

Loving Christ

we confess we have sinned against heaven and against you

we have strayed from your path

we have excluded others intentionally and unintentionally

we have squandered our lives on things which do not last

there are many times where we are not worthy to be called God’s children

in your mercy, send your love to us

wrap your arms around us

and show us we are safe with you

forgiven of all our wayward ways

and restored to our rightful place as God’s beloved children

Restoring Spirit

mother us as you sweep through us in our worship this hour

bring our hearts, minds and souls into alignment with the love of God

that we may know and be love in this world