Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 23 June 2019 B

Glorious God

Heavenly King

Eternal Name

we praise and thank you for our time in worship together

that chance to meet with you in gathering with one another

to sing, to pray, to meditate on your Word

the Word which is Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of the world

we thank you for the challenge Jesus gives each and every day

to follow his paths, his way, his truth

and not the path, way, truth of the world

assist us, we pray to know the difference

Leading Lord

we praise and thank you for leading us all the days of our lives

even when we didn’t know you, or when you seemed far away

when we look back, we know you were with us

guiding us

comforting us

loving us

through your presence in the world

and through people in our lives

families, friends, neighbours

doctors, nurses, care staff

school and Sunday school teachers

the stranger who offered a kind word when we were afraid

we thank you for all who offer blessing in this world, especially being with those the world rejects

those which mental health problems

those who struggle with who they are or who they love

those who sleep on our streets

those who abuse children

those who have abused us

some of these people we find difficult to pray for, but in your infinite goodness, Christ Jesus, grant us the grace and mercy to do as you did

to pray for the world, and all in it

to show loving kindness, care, compassion when it is difficult

to be your presence in this place

offering hope

offering peace

offering grace

of God