Approach and confession prayer 29 August 2021


The throne of the Lord

it lasts forever

nothing can overthrown it

for God is ruler of all

in God’s hands is the royal sceptre

a sceptre of equity

for you, our God and King

love justice

hate wickedness

you anoint our Son

with oil of gladness

clothe him in robes fragrant with myrrh and aloes

send him as your Word

incarnate in the world

to show us the true way

to the kingdom of God

Kingdom Building Christ

through your words and actions

you challenged those who honour God with their lips

but their hearts turn away

teach us to turn towards you

as our God and King

for your Way to be our deepest desire

and help us to set aside traditions we cling to which get in the way of knowing and being your love in the world

Loving One

we long to approach the throne of grace

but how can we?

We give up on promises when they get difficult

we do evil to our friends

and reproach our neighbours

we follow human traditions, rather than the Path of righteousness

in our own strength

we cannot come to the throne of our King

and we fall, face down in shame and timidity

but in your great love and majesty

you say to us “arise, my love, my fair one.

Arise, my love, my fair one

come away with me.”

in that great love and invitation

may we know we are forgiven of all our sins

made clean, anew

that we can worship in spirit and in truth

today and always