Approach and confession prayer 15 August 2021

Glorious are the works of the Lord

may we ponder them

fields of barley and tatties

hedgerow berries being to ripen

magnificent mountains

leading the eye up

every upwards

towards the One

who made heaven and earth


the maker and shaper and creator of all

how awesome are your works, our King

how wondrous are your deeds

who are we that your provide food for us?

Who are we that we can know your compassion and graciousness

come down to us

from heaven

in Christ Jesus?

Who are we that we can gather to worship you, in spirit and in truth?

Bringing before the One who is the bread from heaven

our whole selves

our pain and joy

our sorrow and laughter

our doubts and certainties

in humbleness and sincerity

laying what we have to offer

in prayer, in praise, in the gifts we bring for the work of the church in the world

at the throne of grace

Grace filled Spirit

move within and around us

open our hearts to your presence with us

assist us to keep our tongues from evil

our lips from lies

in humility to confesses we have sinned against you and one another

with our mouths

in our hearts

by our actions

we are truly and sincerely sorry

may we, in faith and trust, hear and know we are forgiven

through receiving the bread of heaven offered through Christ Jesus