Opening prayer 9 October 2016

(NB This prayer was used in a care home service).

All the earth, the whole of creation shouts for joy to the Lord

The earth, the whole of creation sings the glory of God’s name

The earth, the whole of creation bows bows down before the Almighty

for the earth, the whole of creation declares the awesome deeds God has done

breathing life into all living things

forming mountains and lochs

shaping trees and rivers

moulding humanity from clay

how awesome is God, how wondrous his deeds

He makes dry land for his people to pass over

he protects his loved ones from slipping

he preserves the lives of those he cares for

For God is a great God

Great in might, slow to anger, abounding in love

So come, and worship the Lord

Come and bring your praises to God

come and bow in adoration at the feet of the One who is all in all

know that the Lord is good

that his goodness endures forever

His goodness, shown in and through his son, Jesus Christ, our Lord

who promises his burden is easy

who promises life, in all its fullness

to us and all God’s children

yet there are times where we have failed our Lord

we have failed to follow where Christ leads us

we have rebelled against God’s plans for us

we have failed to pray for the prosperity of the place we live

Christ, our Saviour, our King

you know we aren’t perfect people

you know we get things wrong, stray from your narrow path

you know we are truly sorry and turn to you, knowing all our sins are forgiven, now and forever

and we are set free to follow you to the end of our days.