Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 9 April 2017

Passionate God

Your passionate love is in the wrinkled hand, soothed by the youthful touch

your passionate love is in the cries of parents watching their children suffer

your passionate love is in the words of those who decry violence, oppression, inequality

For your passionate love

we give our thanks and praise

Inspire us to be passionate in love

for your people, for your communities, for your world

that through our passion, our love

they may be restored to the goodness and life you desire for the whole of your creation

Praise worthy Christ

your praise is heard throughout your church, this day

from old stone churches, to ordinary houses

We are blessed to be part of your body, joining with our brother and sisters throughout the world in singing

Blessed be one who comes in the name of the Lord”

we thank you it is us, as part of your worldwide church, in this time, in this place

who are called to be the ones who come in the name of the Lord

Bless your whole church that our blessing of this parish, the communities we are part of, our families

may know the blessings which come from the Lord

Captive Lord

through your arrest and trial, you understand physical, spiritual, mental anguish

there is nothing in our lives, in the lives of those we know and love, you have not experienced

it is a blessing and a comfort to know and understand this

We pray for all we know who are struggling in heart, soul, body, mind

and those who watch, helpless, the person they love go through such anguish

Bring them comfort, peace, grace

and guide us to be people who sit at bedsides, make cups of tea, hold hands, offer comfort and support

Christ our King

We praise and thank you that your way of leadership is one of sacrificial service

we pray for our leaders, in this church, in the local community, at our parliaments

reveal to them all the path of true leadership is on of service

guide their hearts and minds to peace, love, grace, inclusion, equality

that all in your world may know you are truly King and Lord of all