Approach and confession prayer 17 January 2021

God of love

love which is everywhere

woven into the very fabric of the cosmos

for it was in love the universe was made

by love we were made in your image

through love you long for us to know your love

a love which is unshakable, infallible, constant, unconditional

for you know us

completely, totally

from the moment of conception

to our dying breath

you know us

and are with us

what knowledge, what a blessing

it is hard for us to totally understand

so we bow

bow before your throne

in worship and adoration

longing to offer all we have to the One who gives us all

even the very breaths in our lungs

who are we that you should show favour on us, Lord God?

For you know where we’ve failed you

you know where we have not trusted your unending goodness as we should

you know we have tried to hide things from your sight

you know we’ve sinned against you, and against others in thought, word and deed

by our own fault, and with others

so, now we come

laying our burdens and our sins at your feet

confessing we have failed you

and seeking your forgiveness

may we know the forgiveness you offer

may our sins be washed away

may the slate be wiped clean

that we may arise, as your people

who you know completely

and love to the ends of the earth