Opening prayer 7 February 2016

God of Moses and Elijah

the giver of your law, your prophet

you came to them on the mountain tops

in all your power and majesty and glory

and in the still small voice

make this our mountain top today

the time when we discover anew all you are

the moment when we know again all you are

the hour when we experience once more the wonder of coming close to our God

Radiating Lord

turn your face to us, shine the light of your love into our lives,

enlighten our hearts and minds to your presence with and around us through your holy spirit, as we offer our worship this day, in song, in prayer, in hearing your word

may it transform us to marvel afresh that all our God is and was and is to be

may it transform us to come down from the mountain and see the beauty in the valley too

to see your glory shining all around, even in the places your light seems so dim

Take away our fear, the fear of seeing you face to face

remove the veil from our eyes which acts as a barrier between us and the world around us

The veil which obscures our vision and limits our outlook

our outlook, which is so human of worrying where we will find the time for something or where the money will come from or who will do something which needs done in your name

Christ, friend of Peter, James and John

and our friend too

show your friendship to us once more, set us free from all which burdens our hearts and minds and guide us down the mountain paths on the route you have for our lives and this church, this community united in faith of Jesus Christ, our saviour and Lord who taught us to pray together: