Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 24 January 2021

God of Jonah

Now, that’s not a phrase we use often

but you are God of Jonah as much as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

for by your mighty hand, you saved the people of Nineveh

using Jonah

in his weakness and fear

to show your power and mercy

God of Jonah

we praise you for Jonah

and thank you for his example

teach us, by your grace and mercy

to not run from your call

but to go forward, in faith

to the people, places and situation which we struggle with

those whose opinions are so different from ours, we struggle to find common ground

those who long for church to be separate from politics

those who spend money on things we don’t approve of

those we judge for their outer appearance

those who, realistically, we try to avoid at all costs,

just as Jonah tried to avoid taking your Word to Nineveh

we thank you for reminding us all people are yours

all made in your love

all reflecting your divine image into the world

help us to set aside our prejudices

listen to your voice

and serve wherever and whomever you ask us to

All Encompassing One

bless the unloved

may we offer embrace

bless the scared

may we offer courage

bless the sceptics

may we offer belief

bless those who long for power

may we offer service

Servant King

we bless and praise you for your way of service

grant to all who lead, servant hearts

this week, we especially recall before you the President and Vice President of the USA

bless their work

grant them courage to follow a path according to your will

and keep them safe in your love and care

Caring Christ

may your care and compassion be shown throughout the world

by us, your people, your body

united as one, siblings together across the world

World embracing One

we thank you, all is in your hands

through the power and love

you have, revealed through Jonah, all the prophets, Christ Jesus and all who have come to know your salvation

As we know your salvation

may the world know it too