Approach and confession prayer 5 December 2021

Holy and Righteous is the Lord

Keeper of oaths

Maker of Covenants

which the Lord never forgets

never breaks

and, look, God comes to the people

and redeems them

redeems us

A Strong King God raises for us

in the House of David

this is our Saviour

Christ Jesus

whom we delight in knowing

whose light shines on us in the darkness

who guides us in the way of peace

Prince of Peace

we bow before you this day

longing to deepen our love and commitment to you

through our prayers

our worship

our daily journey with you

may we be guided on the paths of peace

where we have strayed

gently call us back

where we struggle to see the way ahead

help us to trust ever more in you

where we have failed to love as you ask

forgive us

in the tender mercy of God

forgive us

and empower us through the Holy Spirit

to voyage this Advent

preparing our Way for the coming of the King

anew this Christmas