Stewardship time opening prayer 17 April 2016

Eternity began in your breath, O God

your word spoken into the abyss

formed the light, the sky, seas and rivers.

Your word spoken into the universe

formed plants and animals, on land and in the sea

an abundance we are yet to have fully explored

Your word spoken into the universe

formed stars and galaxies, moon and sun

by which we can measure time, days, weeks, seasons

Your word spoken into the universe

made humanity in your image, male and female

and you entrusted us with your wonderfully made world

Lord God,

Who are we that we deserve such treatment?

Who are we that you have granted us the knowledge to come to know you, to love you

and through that knowledge, come this hour

to worship you with all we are

bless us in your presence with us, in and through your holy spirit

guide our thoughts and open our hearts and minds to you will for our church, our homes, your world

may our prayers, our songs, our meditation on your word be sincere, joyous, the best we can give

not merely this hour, but every day of our lives

for all we have comes from you

and sometimes our live are a pale reflection of the image of God which is contained within us all

we fail to look after ourselves, spending so much time looking after others we become tired and worn out

we fail to see the outsider, the stranger, the foreigner as also made in the image of God

we fail to truly look after your world

In the quiet, we pause to reflect on our failings

Lord God,

remind us we are made in your image, and set free from these burdens of guilt, fear and sin, so we may fully reflect your image within us, through Jesus Christ our Lord