Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 27 August 2017

Messiah, Christ, Lord

We declare with our lips as we worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Those to whom we look to be reminded of God’s goodness, salvation, righteousness

We praise you for this reminder, Lord God

a reminder that it began with one person faithfully accepting your promise to them

may we declare Messiah, Christ, Lord with more than our lips in worship

but with hearts and minds

that parched souls may be refreshed

that distant people may look to the Lord

that all may know the living Lord Jesus

Christ Jesus

it is not on detailed doctrines

or concerns over right practice

that you build your church

but on the foundation that you are the Messiah, the son of the living God

a foundation we have come to know through the Holy Spirit’s guidance in our lives

which we praise and bless you for

As we came to be those who declare you Messiah, son of the living God

others have show us who you are

by sitting with us when we receive bad news

by celebrating with is when we are filled with joy

in opening up scripture to us

through praying with and for us

we thank you for those people in our journeys of faith

Grant to us the eagerness and confidence to be the ones who in our teaching, encouragement, generosity, serving

show others who Jesus is

the Messiah, the son of the living God

that in so doing, your church may be built up

enriched, enlivened

Enlivening Spirit

Sweep through us

purge from us all which is not good, pleasing and perfect

that God’s will may be done, on earth as in heaven

assist us to know the will of God for the church

that we may reflect heaven on earth

that the rules that govern us

allow welcome, inclusion, tolerance, acceptance

We praise you for building the church on people, flawed though we may be

remind us we are not alone

but joined to the church throughout the whole world

that together, we can be a place of community for sinners

that together, we can be place where all the nations

can come and know wholeness, salvation, righteousness

which endures forever