Approach prayer 24 December 2020

Light of the World

We come

we come with our broken hopes and dreams

we come with hearts longing to know the warmth of your light

the radiance of being in your presence

for this is a place like none we’re known

a place between times

between the before and the after

between night and day

between darkness and light

it is in that place we are here


longing for the light

to shine on, us your people who walk in the darkness

Light Giving One

come into our hearts and minds

shine your face upon us

as we gaze in wonder at the manger

empty now

but soon, very soon

will be filled with the light of the World

Christ Jesus

our homes aren’t filled as Bethlehem was

that night, that Holy Night

when you came

there is plenty room

but an emptiness too

come, fill the emptiness with your light

come, fill our hearts with the joy of greeting you anew

come, fill our lives with light by the power of the Spirit

to be bearers of the light in this dark, dark world