Approach and confession prayer 12 April 2020

Glorious, Wondrous God

Mighty and amazing are your deeds

for the tomb is empty

the stone has been rolled away for us

Christ raised from the dead for us

what joy

What joy indeed

to know life and love and grace

freely, abundantly given

offered to the whole world

this Easter day


for Christ is risen

he is risen indeed

Jesus our friend

be our friend this day

for this Easter is not how we imagined or planned

no visiting family

no long weekend

no songs of praises from church buildings throughout the land

yet, yet,

it wasn’t into a holy building you came

but a garden

it wasn’t to the religious leaders you first appeared

but women

and ordinary men

people like us

and for that we offer our alleluias

for they, like us, know the wonderful news that

Christ is risen

He is risen indeed

Empowering Spirit

entrust us with your power

fill us with your fire

entrust in us love

that the power and love of God may flow into us

so much that all our doubt, all our fear, all our worry, all we have gotten wrong in thoughts and words and deeds no longer have room in our souls

for they have been cleansed, removed, wiped clean through the power of love revealed in the glorious resurrection

for Christ is risen

he is risen indeed

may we know this Easter more than ever