Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 21 February 2021

Good and upright is the Lord

the Lord of Hosts to me

even when the world is shaking

when flood and storm

when disease and pestilence come

the steadfast love of God lasts forever

who are we to receive this blessing?

For we came from dust and to dust we will return

we who are but the blink of an eye

but God knows each breath

is with us

wherever we may be

praise God for God’s loving faithfulness

towards us

as we strive to follow God’s ways

Covenant making One

with gratefulness and humility we honour who you are




offerer of rainbows as signs of hope

and promises kept

used as a sign of hope and thank to our NHS

and offered light in the darkness

praise God for this blessing to us

an eternal blessing the people of the world turn to time and time again

Immortal God

only wise

in your wisdom

you offer us space to reflect

to pause

to wonder how to live differently, better,

to follow Christ more fully

we praise and thank you for this chance

this Lent

may it be a time to seek the good of others

to support our communities in ways we haven’t before

for personal care and Christian growth

to wonder and wander around the awesomeness of creation

teach us to cherish it as you do

Encouraging Spirit

may love be our token

may love of God be our reason

may love of Christ be our motivation

may all creation dance and sing once more

may children play without care or concern

may young people party and laugh with friends once more

may housebound people receive visitors to their homes again

may we hold ourselves to a higher standard than the world, to help bring healing, wholeness, love

to be the sign of hope our communities and world needs

through Christ Jesus we pray