Approach and confession 15 April 2018

Lord God

you are our righteousness, our power, our strength

nothing, nothing we long to do will be accomplished without you with us

guiding us, empowering us, calling us forth in your name

through the one who is our Lord and Saviour

Jesus Christ

the Holy One

the one whose name is above all names

the one in whose name we gather

to bring praises and adoration

the one to whom we wish to submit our lives

in order we may find healing, wholeness, life

for Christ Jesus is the author of life

in and through him all creation was made

in and through him all creation was redeemed

in and through him all creation can know the power of the mercy of the love of God

which knows no limits

and to which we humbly submit

for what is our worship without trust in God?

for what is our praise without love of Jesus?

for what is our devotion without hearts filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit?

Lord God

in you and you alone we long to be at peace

in you and you alone may we find security

in you and you alone we find our true selves

the people we were created to be

your beloved children

who long walk and jump and laugh and sing in adoration to our King

King Jesus

by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit

may our sacrifice of praise be fitting and worthy

may we cast aside all which gets in the way of abundant living

fear of future

clinging to the past

judging others for their situations

believing it is our lack of faith which prevents our healing

In our minds, we know we are forgiven for these and the many ways we have failed you, Christ Jesus, and failed others

but we still need reminded again and again

that in and through the great mercy and righteousness of God in Jesus Christ the author of life

we are forgiven

so we may dance with joy before the Lord

in our praise this day