Approach and confession prayer 23 August 2020



Holy One

Worthy of all our praise

worthy of all our adoration

worthy of all we are

humbly we bow before you this day

casting our eyes away from you

for your light is too bright for us to gaze upon

the light is your Holiness of your love

beaming life and colour and meaning into all of creation

into the whole wonderful universe

Holy One

as we gather in worship

we feel unworthy to even call on your name

for we have sinned against you, against one another and against creation

forgive us our iniquity

flood our souls with the cleansing water of your great mercy and grace

that our worship and witness

today, and always, would be to your honour and glory

Holy One

You are our saviour

you are our Lord

you are the Most High

fill our hearts and minds, our very beings with the power of the Holy Spirit

that we can know your love and mercy

Now and always