Approach and confession prayer 25 August 2019

Praise the Lord

Praise the Lord

It is right for us to praise the Lord

The Lord

who is our mighty fortress

the rock of our refuge

our hope

the one in whom we have confidence

the one who we can rely on all the days of our lives

Mighty and worthy of praise is God, the Lord Almighty

who redeems us

saves us

delivers us

again and again

as God has promised

as God has shown through God’s son

Jesus Christ

in whom we have faith

through whom we pray and worship

in whom we are called to one another

Worthy is the Christ Jesus of all our adoration

For he is with God and in God and is God from before the beginning of creation

all things seen and unseen were made through him

all the eye perceives

all the heart longs for

all the soul searches for

in him all things were made, in him all things are united

humbly, Christ Jesus

we bow before you

laying our burdens, our worries, our misdemeanours at your feet

knowing we are not worthy, through anything we can do, to bring our worship this our

but, in your redeeming, selfless love

you forgive us all our sins

pardon us of all our remissions

and help us to stand up straight, look you in the eye and hear that we are set free from our infirmity

so we can praise the living God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit this day and always