Approach and confession 9 December 2018

Lord God

Heavenly and eternal Father

we come with joy this day

to worship you with all our hearts, souls, minds and strength

being confident to gaze upon your throne

knowing we are made in your image

loved unconditionally

called to be your people in this time and place

May all our praise be to your glory and honour

for there is nothing in all heaven and earth we yearn for more

to offer our prayers and praise

to hear your Word

to discern the paths which lead to your righteousness

breathe on us your Holy Spirit that we can testify to the affection we have for Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord, Saviour friend

that our testimony will magnify the greatness of the Lord forever and ever

Redeeming God

we realise there are times where how we have treated others, in words, thoughts and actions have not testified of your greatness

but have brought others and you hurt

we are truly sorry and humbly call on you, once more, to cleanse our hearts and minds of all which places a barrier between others and your love

all that places a barrier between us and your love

your unconditional love you revealed to us in Jesus Christ

whom we wait and prepare for this Advent season and all the days of our lives