Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 5 March 2017

Lord of Blessings

we praise and thank you for the blessings we experience day after day

seeing the night turn to day as the sun once more arches across the sky at daybreak

the healing touch of those who support us day by day

the fellowship of those we live with and those who come to visit

we bless and praise you too for the blessings we experience as winter turns to spring

longer, brighter days

snowdrops in full bloom and daffodils beginning to burst into life once more

birds starting their nests, soon to care for their broods

these are wondrous reminders that all was ordained by your hand, as your delight

your delight which you invite us to take pleasure in

We recall before you, Blessing Lord, those who cannot delight in these good gifts around them

they are struggling with the loss of someone or something precious to them

they work hard, day after day, to provide for their family, yet cannot make ends meet

they are in a pit of despair and it is hard for them to glimpse you light, your delight, your love in their darkness

Comfort each one of these of your precious children, Lord God

surround them with your love, by your holy spirit, by those near to them and those who would care for them

that in time, they may feel and know your light, your delight in them

as your own, precious child

Forgiving Lord

we thank you we can bring everything to you in prayer

no matter how trivial others may view it

no matter how hard our confession may be

no matter that we may not have the right words, or may have no words at all

you hear each one, bless each one, accept each one offered in humility and love

There seems much to pray for in this day, Lord God

our communities, our country, our world

We pause and offer to you those prayers for people and situations which we cannot find words for, but which our hearts groan to make known to you

Lord, hear our prayer

offered in and through Jesus Christ, our Lord