Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 13 September 2020

Slow to anger



abounding in love

is The Lord

to the highest heavens

into the depths of the deepest ocean trench

to the edge of the universe and beyond

extends the compassionate embrace of Love

Love which binds us to one another

Love which fires us with faith

Love which never will let us go

how wonderful

how marvellous

how incredible

is the heights,

the depths

the span

of God’s love for us

may our lives be filled with gratitude for this

may our actions reflect love into the world

may we forgive, as we have been forgive

and find ourselves in seeking the lost

those who cannot forgive themselves

those who cannot love what they see in the mirror

those who believe they are beyond forgiveness; unworthy of any love

may our lives be filled with mercy, kindness and love

as the small things we can do

may be as the ripples on a pond

ever increasing circles of love and kindness and mercy in this world

we recall the ill

those awaiting results

those watching at bedsides

the bereaved

and silently we name those we know before you today


Lord God

be with them, through all who care for them, including us

that they may know the power and embrace of your Love

Everlasting King

we know and believe in your never ending goodness to us

and in faith, trust you are not only our King, but the true King and Ruler of the earth

may your spirit guide all leaders

that they will live and act according to your will

obeying the law you offer the world

guide them, in their decision making

for the goodness and care of all

especially the most vulnerable

and for the care of your beautiful creation

Creating One

we bless you for all your goodness to you and, in the silence of this place, we offer our own prayers

for the people, places and situations which are in our thoughts and on our minds today


All this we pray through Jesus Christ, our Lord

who live and reigns with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit

One God

Now and always