Approach and confession prayer 10 July 2022

God who is Holy



full of love

we gather at your throne of grace

bowing in adoration

as we bring our petitions

our song

our whole selves

heart, soul, strength and mind

before you today

in love

a love, we bring in response to the great love

you have poured out on us

in Jesus Christ the Son

Christ Jesus

what love was revealed in your earthly life?

A simple, yet profound love

that God loves the world

and sent you to show that love

through the cross of redemption

as we worship today

fill our whole selves with more love

for the Lord God

and for our neighbour

where we are weak, strengthen us

where we have failed to love our neighbour as ourselves, forgive us

and assist us to do your will

in the knowledge, though we may stumble and fall

you will always lift us up

and put us back on track

to the glory of God

Father, Son and Spirit