Approach and confession prayer 28 June 2020

God of Abraham

we worship you

we adore you

we bow before you

in awe and humbleness

for your love is so great

so wonderful

so amazing

so marvellous

a love which propelled stars into space

a love which holds each person

a love which is faithful and enduring

God of Abraham

we praise you with our lips and in our hearts

this day

enter our homes by and through the power of the Holy Spirit

that we may truly honour you in our worship this day

that we may feel you with us

that the words we listen to

the songs we sing

the prayers we offer

may be a fitting sacrifice to the God of Abraham

God of Abraham

you are our God too

made know to us through Christ Jesus, your Son

forgive us, this day

for the times we have withheld part of ourselves from you

for the times we have been unwilling to offer the sacrifice you have asked of us

for the times we have not trusted in your promises to us

for the times we have placed limits on your grace

Siblings in Christ

may Christ came into the world for us

Christ died for us

Christ rose from the dead for us

all so we would be forgiven

in the power of this forgiveness, live as those who know abundant God’s grace

now and always