Approach and confession prayer 18 October 2020

Great is the Lord

Great is the Lord

exalted over the nations

the nations tremble at the feet of the One

who brings Good News

who reigns in heaven

and on earth

Great is the Lord

Great is the Lord

worthy of all our worship

worthy of all our offerings

worthy of our whole lives

Great is the Lord

Great is the Lord

Let everything which has breath, praise the Lord

The King of Heaven

at whose feet we bring forth our tributes

for God is Holy

Holy and Just

A lover of justice

a keeper of promises

a forgiver of sins

Let us fall,

fall at the footstool

of the One to whom we owe all we have

all we are

all we can and will be

As we bow, in reverence and fear

we lay our burdens down

and offer our confession for the ways we have failed one another, and you, Lord God

we have not lived up to the expectations you have placed on our lives

we have placed unfair expectations on others

we are ashamed we have not lived the gospel as we ought

in our confession, we cry out to you, Lord Jesus Christ

Save us from defeat

save us from despair

cleanse our sins and

guide us, in your great mercy and love

back onto the paths of righteousness

for your name’s sake