Approach and confession prayer 11 July 2021

Lift up your heads

see, the Lord, the King of Glory

you people

let the Lord enter through the gates of your hearts

feel God’s presence

in this Holy place

made Holy, not through our words or the work of our hands

but made Holy by the the Lord coming to us

in power and might

through the Holy Spirit

filling this place with glorious radiance

filling this place with love

Lord, King of Glory

how can we be in your presence?

In your Holy place?

We need clean hands and pure hearts

we long to be washed from iniquity

to be worthy of you

and for our worship this day

to truly honour you

yet how can we honour you

when we come with filled with bitter things?

Bitterness which eats away at ourselves

and our relationship with you

humbly we bow

bow to be washed and made new

for our sins to be forgiven once more

so, when we lift our heads

we lift them to the Lord

the Lord Almighty

the King of Glory

who is our salvation

forever and ever