Approach and confession prayer 10 October 2021

Riches beyond all splendour are the Lord’s

enthroned on the praises of God’s people

from generation to generation

this is the one in whom the ancestors placed their trust

let us place our trust in the Lord also

as we bring our worship before God this day

may it magnify the Lord for ever and ever

for as even the tiniest flower, here today and gone tomorrow

is cared for

so too are we

this is our treasure

knowledge of the love of God

the most precious thing in the universe

that love

revealed in Christ Jesus

our friend, our saviour

who looks hard into our souls

and loves us

loves us and calls us

to follow him

Leading Christ

assist us, by the power of the Holy Spirit

seek treasure in heaven before all things

to place our trust fully in you

and not in our own strength or possessions

for we know, it is only through you

and your abiding love

we may be saved

save us, we pray

save us from self deceit

save us from clinging to possessions

save us from all which gets in the way of following you

in the great compassion of God

Father, Son and Spirit

know we are forgiven

that the favour of God is upon us

and all our sins are taken away

that we may magnify the Lord

this day and always