Crucify the King

Crucify the King

That’s what was to happen

The King was to be crucified

On what charge?

Pilate saw that.

There was no charge for him to answer

There was no accusation to bring against him

He was beyond reproach

The crowd had turned against him

Could this be the same crowd who celebrated him coming to Jerusalem on Sunday?

Singing Hosannas and waving palm branches

Oh, how easily people are turned

how quickly they fall

how swiftly they forget

That Barabbas was a rebel

and the King was blameless

They called Barabbas when asked who they wanted released

they called ‘crucify him’ when asked what to do with the King

Pilate did not want to send a blameless man to his death

Pilate tried again, and again, and again, to change their mind

But their mind was made up

Crucify him” they cried all the more

For they had no king but Caesar

and the true King, the blameless one

was led away to be crucified