Approach and confession prayer 29 October 2017

Give praise and honour to the Most High

who dwells in the city of God

a place of divine radiance

where beauty is illuminated by the glory of the Lamb

who is throned in splendour

from the throne flows a river

a river in which makes the city of God glad

for its streams flow into the whole of creation

bringing life-giving water to every living creature

bringing shaping water to the hills and valleys

bringing refreshing water to parched souls

the water which flows is life itself

for it is the water from the throne of the Lamb

the Lamb we are united to in our faith alone

The Lamb, who delights in us

delights to call us brothers, sisters, friends

delights that we come to give glory to God alone

in our song, our prayer, our sharing together

in worship, in praise

that, together with the whole church in every time, in every place

may be joined together by the stream of life

and filled with joy through worship of the one who sits on the throne

Lamb of God

Take away the sins of the world

Lamb of God

bring forth your righteousness into our lives

Lamb of God

renew our faith in you and you alone

Purge us from all which prevents our true devotion

cleanse us of all which falls short of the glory of God

remove from us all which divides us from one another and from the love of God which passes all understanding

restore us to our rightful place as sons and daughters of the Most High

Brothers and Sisters in Christ alone

Send the Holy Spirit to reshape us into people worthy of discipleship

that together we can bring the living streams of life

the world so desperately needs