Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 21 October 2018

Loving God

it is right to give you thanks and praise

glory be to you, God the Father

glory be to you, God the Son

glory be to you, God the Spirit

Holy, blessed Trinity

we offer these, our prayers of thanks and petition

with sincere and humble hearts

knowing our thanks, can seem inadequate

yet, Loving God

like children of caring parents, we know it brings great joy to your heart to hear our simple prayers

we thank you for the autumn weather, though it may chill our bones

we thank you for the warmth of heating, making our homes places of comfort and welcome

we thank you for cafe staff and shop assistants, who serve us tea and scan our shopping

we thank you for hospitals and doctor surgeries, helping to look after ourselves and our loves ones

we thank you for all the love we have, from friends, family and, most of all, you Loving God

bless all who we love, all who love us with your care, God

and bless us with the desire to show our love for you through our acts of service

Serving Christ

we long to follow you, to serve as you have served

let us be people who place service of others before power or status

that those who are homeless may find a home

those who are hungry may be fed

those who are grieving may find healing

those who are wracked with guilt may find happiness

those who are filled with hate may find love

Give us servant hearts, that in prayer and action, we may serve your world

Lord God

and teach us to accept, with patience and humbleness the service of others

those who bring us meals

those who drive buses and trains

those who serve us in shops and pubs

those who look after community halls

those who clean our windows

grant to them all, serving Christ

pride in their work, joy in their service

and grant to us the loving kindness to show our appreciation through saying thank you

to all who would serve us and your world